The Introduction.

I started this blog thinking of everything I can share to help other women like me. Survivors of any type of abuse, drug addiction, loss, or any severe trauma. I’m an advocate for mental health awareness and a social worker. I am a survivor, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Motherhood has been the hardest and biggest blessing in my life.

No one taught me how to be a mother. My mother passed when I was only sixteen years old. By that time I had a baby girl and was seven months pregnant with my second baby. I skipped all the teen years and had to grow up and learn how to be an instant mother. As a teenager, I never imagined losing my mom, nonetheless being a mother of two by sixteen. Life’s been rough, but God knew exactly what he was doing with me. Without everything I went through, I wouldn’t be me! I am grateful for every obstacle and every hardship I endured, I am stronger because I overcame what broke me and even more grateful for all the blessings I have received.

Being a teen mom meant growing up with my kids. I was a kid. Having a baby doesn’t make you mature and that took me a while. Looking back at all those days trying to keep those tiny humans alive, I seriously don’t know how I did it. But here we are, alive. Lol. You’ll get to read about all the chaos since I became a mother, but also who I was before. Because I am still Me, I was someone before being a mother and it is hard to remember that sometimes.

I hope you’re in this journey with me.

Simply Pao.

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